No to Trump’s imperialist plans! No to any normaliation with Israel! Long live the intifada!

We held a demonstration in the front of the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul / Turkey to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Second Intifada and the 38th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila massacres and to protest the attempts for the so-called “normalization” process initiated first by Trump’s “Deal of the Century” and then promoted by the treaties signed between Israel and some Arab states.

Our banner read “No to Trump’s imperialist plan and normalization with Israel! Long live Intifada!” in Turkish, Arabic and English. Some of our slogans were: “Free Palestine from the sea to the river!”, “Expel the Israeli ambassador!”, “Sever all relationships with Israel!”, “Israel will be defeated! Palestine will win!”   

Below you’ll find a translation of the statement read there by Kutlu Dane, one of our spokespersons: 

Dear reporters, and friends of Palestinian people,

Today we are here, in front of the Israel’s so-called consulate, once again to release a press statement about two Palestinian-question-related anniversaries alongside a string of recent political developments. The statement is intended both to reiterate our support to the right to return and to condemn the Zionist Israel and its imperialist collaborators. 

The Zionist entity founded at the expense of expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their lands in 1948 has been touted, unfortunately successfully, by Zionists as a civilized and modern state. The Consulate building behind us is one of the places where that propaganda aimed at whitewashing Israel’s crimes is manufactured and disseminated. 

38 years ago, Phalangists under Zionist auspices committed a massacre in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Israeli-besieged Beirut, with a death toll of 3.000. Israeli occupying forces helped their phalangist allies by launching flares to illuminate the camp area and blocking the gates to prevent refugees from surviving the attack.

Israel and its cohorts perpetrated that crime within a couple of days, before the international force deployed to protect the camps arrived and after the Palestinian resistance organizations had left Lebanon as stipulated in the international treaty. Hence that was a premeditated ignominious mass murder and an ethnic cleansing inspired undoubtedly by the methods of Nazis. If Anne Frank had been still alive, we are sure that she would have spitted on the faces of those barbarians and that she would have mourned for her Palestinian sisters and brothers killed in those camps.  

Sabra and Shatila massacres were also assaults against the right to return.

But the Palestinian people have never kneeled down! Having experienced many massacres inflicted by Zionism almost since 1930s, the Palestinian people have embarked on a world-renowned and inspiring struggle, which reached its climax in the intifadas of 1987 and 2000. This week is the anniversary of the latter, which had begun on September 28th 2000. That great uprising during which 4.000 Palestinians, including 11 year old Muhammed Al-Durra who was shot dead hiding behind his father, have been martyred had shown the whole world how barbaric Zionism was.     

Second Intifada was an upheaval for the Palestinian people to claim their right to return.

As thousands of Palestinians have been martyred for the cause, a section of the Palestinian leadership had already begun to act in cahoots with the illegitimate Israeli state. The cause was betrayed first by Anwar Sadat, and then by Arafat in 80s. The negotiations called Oslo Process have resulted eventually in the Palestinian Authority, which does dirty jobs in the West Bank for Israel! That imperialism and Zionism collude, overtly or covertly, with the reactionary Arab regimes unfortunately diminishes the hopes to return of the Palestinian people. Recognizing the Zionist entity, Arab countries which have turned into lackeys of the US imperialism pave the ways for more brutality against the Palestinian people. The so-called “normalization” process initiated by Trump’s “deal of the century”, which demands total surrender of the Palestinian people in return for a small land and a share from oil revenues, is now enhanced by the treaties signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Oman and Saudi Arabia wait for their turn.

That so-called normalization is nothing but an attack on the right to return.

But we would like to make sure that Zionists’ flagrant moves will never make us fear. Neither the Palestinian people nor we give up fighting. Just look at the anti-Zionist protestors flocking to the streets of Manama, Cairo, Latin America, Europe and USA or at the unbreakable resistance of the gallant Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Palestinian people’s fight for the right to return will last till Israel is destroyed!

On the other hand, Turkish governments’ criticism towards the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is clear example of hypocrisy. Turkey has “normalized” its relationship with Israel long before those countries did! We forget neither the strong economic, intelligence and military collaborations between Turkey and Israel nor how you withdrew the Mavi Marmara case. Stop using Palestine as a bargaining chip for natural gas found in the Eastern Mediterranean! Expel the Israeli ambassador! Sever all relationships with Israel!  

We would like to emphasize that we hold that demonstration on the call of Samidoun (Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network) and pro-Palestinian organizations. We will keep fighting against Zionism and acting in solidarity with the Palestinian people till the day Israel is destroyed! 

We will do so till the last intifada, which will be the last nail in the coffin of Israel, and lead to a free, secular, democratic and socialist Palestine from the sea to the river!  

Friends of Palestine Against Imperialism and Zionism

September 25th 2020

We have organized a protest in front of the Israeli consulate: “Side with intifada, not with annexation!”

We held a demonstration in front of the so-called Israeli Consulate in Levent, Istanbul, in order to protest the Israel’s U.S-backed plan to annex up to 30% of the West Bank. We marched from the Levent underground station to the consulate building with slogans and a long banner saying “side with the intifada, not with imperialist aggression and the Zionist annexation!”.   

We also carried placards both demanding immediate release of Georges Abdallah, a Lebanese communist imprisoned in France who called for solidarity with the Palestinian people, and featuring the Al Fatah-issued Palestinian identity card of a Turkish revolutionary, Deniz Gezmiş, who had fought against Israeli army. 

Approaching towards the Consulate building, we appealed to the people for supporting the Palestinian cause. The during-march propaganda exposing the crimes committed by Zionism and the U.S imperialism, and the collaborationist politics of the AKP drew attention from the people around.  

It was seen that the Consulate, which was conscious that the annexation plan would be a cardinal crime perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people and all oppressed nations, had requested the Istanbul police to take large security measures such as security lines, riot police and water cannons.

We exposed the hypocrisy of the AKP government, which, on the one hand, has feigned opposition against Zionist aggression and, on the other hand, has dropped the Mavi Marmara case alongside strengthening its trade relationship with Israel and negotiating with Israel on the Palestinian gas fields.

We demanded the expulsion Israeli ambassador, and all commercial, military and political relations be severed. We called academics, sportspersons, artists and the relevant organizations to support the boycott movement and to cut off all their ties with Israel.

We reiterated our call for rejecting all sponsorships offered by ARTISRAEL, an organization that has played an important role in whitewashing the crimes of Israel. We also called on the Göztepe Football Club of Izmir to terminate its contract with Puma, which has sponsored Zionism.  

See below for the text of the press release read out by our spokesperson Naz Şakar:

Dear reporters, and friends of Palestine,

We have asserted persistently since the first day of our campaign that the Zionist Israeli state should be destroyed.  

We have also emphasized that the plan of a “two-state solution” should be rejected.

Zionists having been emboldened by Trump’s “deal of the century” now make preparations to announce that they are annexing some parts of the Jordan River Valley and of the West Bank that they had failed to usurp in 1948 and 1967.

We declare in our manifesto that Israel is a cancerous cell that should be prevented from spreading, that is, it should be torn down!

Therefore, as having been seen in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and Oslo negotiations in 1993, “diplomacy” is not a proper means to deal with that racist and aggressive state. Palestinian people have nothing left to negotiate. The only way to deal with the Zionist entity is to wage an all-out fight against it.

Dear reporters, and friends of Palestine,

We call on the laboring classes of Turkey to side with the Palestinian people because imperialism and Zionism that persecute the Palestinian people are also those that suck blood of the workers and laborers of Turkey. Therefore, the plan to annex the West Bank is also an attack against us.

The AKP government, on the one hand, has pretended to be anti-Zionist and, on the other hand, has dropped the Mavi Marmara case alongside strengthening its trade, military, diplomatic and intelligence relations with Israel and negotiating with Israel on the Palestinian gas fields.

As that illegitimate entity occupies the Palestinian territory, art organizations do not hesitate to receive funds from the ARTISRAEL.

AKP government approves the re-launch of Israeli cargo flights.

We are sure that they will soon begin to negotiate on the pipelines!

Today what those who are true friends of Palestine should do against prospective annexations is to end all their relationships with that illegitimate entity.

We, as Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, will do whatever is required to stop the Zionist aggression.

We will turn their dreams into nightmares.

We will stand firmly against the Zionist expansionism.

We will support the Palestinian cause and fight against imperialism and Zionism until the day a free, secular and socialist Palestine is established!

Long live the Palestinian cause!

Down with the Zionist Israeli State!

Down with imperialism!

Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism

1st July 2020

We have held a demonstration in İzmir to protest the captivances of Georges Abdallah and Ahmad Saadat

On Sunday 21st of June, we organized a demonstration in front of the French honorary consulate in İzmir and protested the captivities of our two comrades, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and Ahmad Saadat. Below, you may find our press announcement that we read there:

Dear reporters, and friends of Palestinian people,

Today we, Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, are here to demand freedom, in the persons of our courageous comrades Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and Ahmad Sa’adat, for allmilitants who have been kept captive in the imperialist and Zionist prisons. 

Ahmad Sa’adat and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah have been deprived, respectively, by Israel for 18 years and by French imperialism for 36 years, of their freedom.

However, what those two revolutionaries have done cannot be treated as crime!

Those two socialist militants fought against the French-backed Zionism invading Palestine and Lebanon, 

as did the Kara Yılan (“Black Snake”, the assumed name of one of the heroes of the National Independence War who is immortalized in the Nazım Hikmet’s book “Kuvay-ı Milliye Destanı”)after French imperialism had occupied the province of Antep,

and as did Yörük Ali and Demirci Mehmet Efe after the English-backed Greek armed forces hadinvaded the province of Izmir!

Abdallah and Sa’adat incessantly struggled against the enemy and never sought reconciliation with imperialists. They refused to bow down to Zionism, which has expelled the Palestinian Arabs to establish a country that would serve as an imperial outpost in the Middle East. They fought to the end!

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a Lebanese communist revolutionary who has devoted his life to the fight against imperialism and Zionism. He has been kept captive since 1984 in France for allegedly being the founder of the organization called Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions (LARF). As the French- and US-backed Zionist Israel was occupying Lebanon, that organization both fought against the occupying forces, and expanded the war right into the heart of the imperialist countries by targeting those who have provided Zionists with military and monetary aid. Georges Abdallah is held culpable also for the killings of Charles R. Ray, the then U.S military attaché to France, and Yaakov Bar-Simantov, the then head of the French mission of the Israeli intelligence agency. He should have been released 22 years ago, however, France still keeps him captive.

Ahmad Sa’adat is the captive leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).  He has devoted all his life to the struggle against Zionism after he had joined the Palestinian Student Union in 1967. From the early 1970s to 1994 when he was elected as the head of the West Bank branch of PFLP, he has been detained many times by the Zionists. He undertook the leadership of the organization after Abou Ali Moustapha was martyred by Israel in 2001. In 2006,the Zionist thugs raided the prison where he has since 2002 been kept jailed by the so-called“Palestinian Autonomous Authority”, and abducted him.

Dear reporters, and friends of Palestinian people,

The struggle that has been carried out by Georges Abdallah and Ahmad Sa’adat bears tremendous importance for us in many respects. 

Those two socialist militants and leaders have always been conscious of the fact that Zionists and their imperialist collaborators would never bring prosperity to the laboring classes of those countries. That is why Abdallah is still in prison in France whilst the collaborator “Palestinian Autonomous Authority” is favored by European imperialism.      

Those two socialist militants and leaders have fought for a socialist, secular and democratic political program and against religious sectarianism. Their struggle shows that the Palestinian cause cannot be confined within the boundaries of political Islamism, and that the cause itself is a bannerof resistance under which the oppressed of all languages, countries and beliefs come together. 

We, Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, stand in solidarity with those two comrades and embrace their struggle. Israel, which has touted itself as the only democratic country in the Middle East, and France, which has pretended to champion human rights, should immediately release our comrades. 

Down with French imperialism!

Down with American imperialism!

Down with the regimes in collaboration with imperialism and Zionism!

Down with Zionist Israeli State!

Free George Abdallah and Ahmad Sa’adat!

Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism

We were in front of the Zionists’ consulate building on Nakba Day

We, Friends of Palestine Against Imperialism and Zionism Platform, jointly with members of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) of Turkey, held a demonstration in front of the so-called Consulate General of Israel in Levent, Istanbul, in order to mark the 72nd anniversary of Nakba Day, and to protest the decades-long Zionist oppression and occupation in Palestine. We emphasized in our press release that the Coronavirus epidemic has aggravated the plight of the Palestinian people. Zionists neither allow them to take measures necessary to stall the spread of Covid-19 nor let them receive proper treatment. And we urged that Turkey sever all military, diplomatic, cultural, academic and economic relations with Israel; and that the Israeli ambassador be expelled from our country.   

Freedom for Georges Abdallah (Nakba Demonstration in Istanbul)

Friends of Palestine Against Imperialism and Zionism organized a demonstration in front of the consulate of Israel in Istanbul.

During the demonstration our comrade Burak Sayım from France, who participates in the campaign Free Georges Abdallah made a speech in Turkish and French, demanding freedom for Abdallah and all Palestinian prisoners.

Our appeal to the Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival: Terminate your relationship with the murderers of the Palestinian Women!

Zionist Israel’s propaganda device ARTISRAEL is among the sponsors of the 23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, held by the Flying Broom Foundation located in Ankara / Turkey. ARTISRAEL is an organization aiming to whitewash Israel’s crimes against Palestinian people, including Palestinian women, by transfering its propaganda budget to some cultural events around the world. Israel killed at least 8 women just in 2019. (See B’tselem’s web page for details)

Today, Palestinian people call for the boycott of every cultural event that accepts Israeli funding in some way, as a part of a more general boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, namely the BDS movement which we, the Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Friends of Palestine do support. This movement is inspired by the famous anti-Apartheid movement against the Apartheid South Africa, and became the foremost enemy of the Zionist occupiers in Palestinian lands. In Turkey, there’s a BDS community calling for the cultural boycott of Israel since 2009, which the organisers can not be unaware of.

We strongly appeal to the organizers of the 23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, to terminate their relationship with the Zionist occupier. You may find our letter to the foundation below:

An Appeal to the Organizers of the 23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival

Terminate your sponsorship relationship with Zionist Israel, the murderer of the Palestinian women! 

Do not let the Zionist entity whitewash and normalize its crimes over your cultural activities!

Zionist Israel is an illegitimate discriminatory entity, a contemporary replica of the Apartheid regime in the South Africa, which keeps the Palestinian territory under occupation and annexes more lands day by day, alongside imposing a brutal blockade on a 2 million population in the Gaza Strip for 14 years.  

That entity has imprisoned 17.000 Palestinian women since 1967. In 2019 alone, 40 Palestinian women were detained by the Zionist invader. They have been kept captives in Israeli prison, being deprived of basic human rights such as privacy and education.   

One of those is Mays Abu Gosh (22), a student of journalism, who was detained by Zionist soldiers on August 29th 2019, and has been tortured and mistreated systematically at the Maskubiyeh detention center for 30 days.  

On April 28th 2020, Zionists arbitrarily stripped Gosh and two other female Palestinian captives, one of whom was Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar who was detained on October 31st and is yet to stand trial, of the right to communicate with family.

Zionist snipers targeted and massacred civilians, including women, who in last two years joined the Great Return March held in the north of the Gaza Strip.

We have no doubt that you remember American female activist Rachel Corrie, who was run over by an armored bulldozer in 2003, or Razan al-Najjar, a nurse who was shot dead by live ammunition during the Great Return March in June 2018, not to mention the Palestinian women slaughtered during Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip, or at the check points in the West Bank.

Dear organizers,

We would like to ensure you that ARTISRAEL, one of your sponsors among many others, is a propaganda instrument funded directly by that state, and established to tout murderous Israel as a heaven of freedom and beacon of democracy. Many organizations, first and foremost the BDS movement, around the world fight against that entity.

We appeal to you for not collaborating with the invaders, and supporting Palestinians resisting against them.

We call on you to adhere to the values that your foundation declares on its website. If you are a pro-human-rights and pro-nonviolence women’s organization that stands against discrimination of any kind, whether it be political, religious, lingual, racial, class or sexual, what you should do today is to heed the call by the Palestinian people and women, and thus terminating your sponsorship relationship with ARTISRAEL, which was established to absolve the crimes committed by Israel.

Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism

Free all Palestine captives under the threat of Covid-19!

The epidemic of Covid-19 spreads quickly all over Palestine. That viral risk aggravates the plight of thepeople living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who have barely survived under Zionist occupation. The disease also threatens the lives of Palestinian captives jailed in the Zionists’ prisons. They have already suffered being held in overcrowded and insanitary dormitories. Six or seven or even more Palestinians are crammed into spaces suitable for maximum four persons whilst Jewish prisoners stay in dormitories with decent conditions. The former is deprived also of accessing to health services even if they succumb to cancer. Palestinian captives have protested the inhumane treatments at times by hunger strike. However, Zionists never cared about their requests. It is thus predictable that Zionists will not perform necessary measures to stave off the devastating effects of the epidemic when it begins to infect the prisons where Palestinians are kept.

Palestinian captives demand that their dormitories be sterilized urgently and regularly; that wardens wear protective clothes; that their body temperature be taken regularly (no measurement so far); that they access to health services; and that elderly, female and child captives be released.

While the Zionist entity turns a deaf ear to those demands, it imposes more restrictions on access to cleaning materials, fresh fruits and vegetables, and health services. Furthermore while Zionists decide to keep almost 500 Jewish prisoners under house arrest, no such a precaution is taken for any of 5000 Palestinian captives. That proves one more time the Apartheid-like racist and discriminatory characteristics of the Zionist entity.  Let alone taking protective precautions against the epidemic, Palestinian prisoners are denied even the right to consult with their lawyers. On the other hand, Zionist interrogators and torturers can “visit” them whenever they want.

It is reported that the captives have ceased to receive meals by March 26th and prepared for a hunger strike. Many activist platforms, especially Samidoun, have drawn attention to the grave danger that Palestinian captives face, and called on the world to support their demands. Those honorable sons and daughters of the Palestinian people who have fought for a just cause are held captive by the most-illegitimate political entity in the world.  

Their captivity under those conditions becomes even more unbearable for all the exploited and oppressed worldwide. We, as the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, demand that all Palestinian captives held in the illegitimate Israel’s prisons and left unprotected in the face of Covid-19 be released immediately!

Free All Palestinian Captives!

Down with Zionist Israeli State!

Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!

Lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip!

The new-type coronavirus epidemic plaguing the world has now arrived in the Palestinian territory via two persons who entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, according to the statement released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. What jeopardizes the lives of people in the Gaza Strip is, however, not only the spread of the virus, but also the Zionist blockade on the City which under the current circumstances will cause a horrendous catastrophe!

The City which has for years been suffering a suffocating blockade imposed by Israel with the help of Egypt faces great difficulties even in providing its people with potable clean water, let alone the products needed for personal hygiene. The blockade also causes the Palestinianpeople not to decent access to the health services. For example, medicines are confiscated at the borders or cancer-diagnosed patients are not allowed to leave the City for receiving treatment somewhere else. The Gaza Strip is also deprived by Israel of medical facilities and equipments that are required to cope with the epidemic. It has only 40 intensive care beds, 56 respiratory devices and 200 test kits for a two-million population!

It is clear that the blockade on the Gaza Strip which is now intertwined with the coronavirus epidemic cannot be understood properly without considering how unwilling both states and capitalists are to finance and enhance antiviral measures. As people around the world still diedue to inadequate number of respiratory devices, two million Palestinians who have lived in an open-air prison for 13 years now suffer being deprived both of respiratory devices and even of basic medical tools, and are left to mercy of the Zionist Israel!  

There is only one way to avert the imminent calamity: lifting the blockade on the Gaza Strip!An international campaign should be organized immediately to force the Zionist Israel to do so. The City would otherwise turn into a mass grave. The former is undoubtedly something desirable for Israel. Both the blockade itself and Israel’s atrocious attack with live ammunition against the unarmed people who joined the “Great Return March” already showed the true colors of Zionists. It is therefore unsurprising that nowadays they discusshow to repel Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip if they flock to the border to survive the viral epidemic, with a majority in favor of shooting them.

Hence it is an indispensable duty for all friends of Palestine to prevent the Zionist entity from committing such a mass decimation by leveraging the Covid-19. The way to force the Zionist Israel to lift the blockade is to sever diplomatic relations with that “state”. We, as the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, thus call on Turkish government to expel all Zionist diplomats; to unilaterally terminate all commercial relations; and to impose sanctions on any companies that have interest in the blockade. “Condemnations” released by theTurkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its website are futile attempts and nothing going beyond paying lip service to appease the public reactions. We warn in advance that shrinking from taking steps aforementioned above will mean being accomplice once again –alongside dropping the Mavi Marmara flotilla case for the sake of purchasing natural gas, and maintaining military and economic cooperation even during the Gaza Strip being shelled- in persecution of the Palestinian people!

We held a demonstration to protest Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

We, as the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, held a demonstration in front of the US Consulate in Istanbul, in order to protest the so-called “Deal of the Century” plan declared by Trump.     

The 180-page document drafted by imperialists and Zionists, which have tormented the Middle East under the auspice of the former, cannot be called as “deal”. It is nothing but a list of political impositions aimed at making the Palestinian people and its resistance organizations kneel down. If that document is put in effect, it will scrap the Palestinian people’s historically-gained rights.    

The document is also a political maneuver devised in a well-timed manner by Trump and Netanyahu to boost their credibility, as the former is in need of receiving support from Zionist lobbies to be reelected, the latter is indicted for corruption charges.   

For we felt that that imperialist and Zionist attempt should be condemned immediately, we organized a demonstration in front of the US Consulate the day after the “deal” was announced. We first gathered at a historically important location, former Kavel factory, whose workers led the struggle for the right to strike, and then marched towards the Consulate. During the march, we have chanted the slogans “Down with Zionist Israeli State!”, “US Hands off the Middle East!”, “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!”. After informing the awaiting reporters about our protest, we read out our press release (available in Turkish on our website). The declaration is a clear sign that imperialists and Zionists will escalate their assaults. It is then time to increase our efforts for the victory of Palestinian people, and the defeat of imperialism and Zionism.      

Our manifesto is ready! Please read, share & give feedback!

Following the first anniversary of our establishment in Turkey, our movement has had another step forward and now we have the Committee of the Friends of Palestine. This new body has pubished a manifesto which puts forward the essentials of our approach on the Palestine issue. This document will also stay on our web page in a seperate tab (Our Manifesto) for those who wish to read it:

The Manifesto of the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism

The Friends of Palestine Against Imperialism and Zionism Platform stands unequivocally against the religiously-motivated, sectarian and racist political stances which misleadingly conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, emphasizing that those have nothing to contribute to the Palestinian people’s cause. It welcomes endorsements from and is willing to collaborate with non-anti-Semitic, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist persons and organizations. 

An Accurate Identification of the Palestinian Question

The Platform deems the political entity called Israel and its Zionist ideology a cancerous cell, which metastasizes all over the Palestinian territory. Palestine, historically a part of Bilad Al-Sham where Arabs and Jews have been living together, has witnessed a string of serious transformations since the early 20th thanks both to the invasion of the region by the imperialists after the World War I, and to the Jewish immigration waves to dramatically change the demographic density and composition of the country that were predicated on the 1917 Balfour Declaration and orchestrated by the imperialists and Zionists who revealed their true colors by prioritizing American Jews rather than European ones brutally persecuted by the Nazis.  Those immigrant settlers led by Zionist gangs such as Hagannah and backed by the English imperialism have ventured into usurping the Palestinian resources and lands during the period up to the Nakba, that is, the establishment of the political entity called Israel in 1948. That usurpation has been made permanent and legitimate after 1950 when the Zionist entity enacted the ‘Absentees’ Property Law’ alongside the regulations stipulating that the Jewish-owned lands and means of production shall not be purchased or rented by non-Jewish persons.   

The establishment of the Zionist Israel has inflicted devastating damages on Palestine and its people as does a cancerous cell to the organism within which it grows. The apartheid-like treatment of non-Jewish people has become an ordinary practice in the Israel-occupied Palestinian territories. The Israeli state built a colossal segregation wall to so-called “protect” the territories under its occupation against their rightful holders. It has also systematically violated the Palestinians’ basic human rights such as the right to freedom of movement. On top of that, the Zionist entity passed a law on 19th July 2018 which declared that only Jews have the right to self-determination in the country; that Arabic is no longer an official language; and that the Jewish settlements are “national values”, of which number will be increased. 

That cancerous cell has metastasized beyond its place of origin by occupying the Golan Heights, temporarily seizing the Sinai Desert and unleashing a ferocious attack on Southern Lebanon. That Israel has never defined its official territorial borders and drafted a binding constitution that would risk its expansionism undoubtedly emboldens those Zionist belligerences. But one should never forget that this malign entity would have never attempted to realize its aspirations if it had not forged special bonds with imperialism. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between them. As imperialism has backed Israel almost uninterruptedly since its birth certificate issued by the Balfour Declaration, the Zionist entity in return serves as its outpost in the region. Israel, however, has a unique characteristic which makes it different from other reactionary regional regimes doing dirty jobs for imperialism. That is its influence on the US foreign policy, which makes it more dangerous than the usual servants (Saudis, Sisi etc.) of imperialism.   

Fight against Zionism 

It is futile to expect that cancer can be cured by administering painkillers. So is it to seek remedy in the “resolution initiatives” such as Oslo or Camp David in order to be able to confront the Zionist destruction because Israel, as a self-proclaimed legitimate state, has always turned a deaf ear to the proposals made by the parties with whom it has held negotiations, and continued its discriminatory policies unabated against the Palestinian people. 

For instance, Zionists were still unsatisfied even though Egyptian President Anwar Sadat had conceded in his speech at the Knesset or the so-called Israeli parliament in 1977 that an independent state territorially confined to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip would be acceptable to the Palestinian people. The “two states to two nations” proposals made, respectively, by Sadat himself and by the PLO during the Camp David negotiations held in 1978 and 1988-1989 have never been treated by Zionists as proper resolutions. The result was therefore nothing but a huge disappointment. As for the Oslo negotiations held in 1993, they marked the beginning of a disgraceful period that has culminated in the “Palestinian Autonomous Authority” turning eventually into a stooge of Zionism, and that witnessed the Palestinians’ right to return were revoked by the treaties signed in 1994 and 1995.

Like cancerous tissues need to be removed from the body to halt metastasis, Israeli state should be eradicated from the region. To be more accurate, it should be annihilated. As historically proven, the means to achieve that goal are armed struggles, strikes and mass mobilizations. During the post-1948 period, the Palestinian people has retaliated against Israeli Zionist aggression by waging armed struggles in 1964, 1967 and 1969 led, respectively, by Al-Fatah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Islamic Jihad. Those counter-attacks have succeeded in repelling the Zionist attacks. In 1991, that is, the year when the first Intifada reached its climax, Israel was forced to announce that it would retreat from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Following the outbreak of the second Intifada in 2000, the Palestinian people started an all-out fight under the joint leadership of the national resistance organizations against Israel that squeezed the latter into a corner and forced it to withdraw its occupation forces from the Gaza Strip. Israel conceded an utter defeat in 2006 when its flagrant assault on Lebanon was repelled by Hezbollah combatants. It has since then been refraining from conducting military operations beyond its northern frontiers.    

Liberation of All Palestinian People from the Zionist Yoke 

The Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism Platform tirelessly reiterates that the bi-national one-state solution is the only cure to the Zionist cancer, and that an anti-imperialist, democratic, secular, socialist and unified Palestine extending from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is the only way to create a country where Palestinians of all nations, religions and sects will in harmony. The Platform urges Arabs and Jews to unify around that program.

As we are going through an era that capitalism drags humanity towards a total catastrophe, that program aimed at freeing both Arabs and Jews requires actions such as expropriation both of the Zionist capital whose interests are in parallel with the Israel’s apartheid regime, and of the bureaucracy led by Abu Mazen which is in collaboration with the former; nationalization of Palestinian means of production and natural resources exploited by a handful imperialists and Zionists; establishment of a secular order that ensures the fraternity of the people of different religions; disbanding the organizations which protect imperialist interests, and thus cause the people to slaughter each other.   

Palestinian socialist movements which adopt those objectives are welcomed by the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism Platform as comrades. The Platform intends to learn from their experiences as well as to build internationalist solidarity. We consider the Islamist organizations, primarily Hamas, notwithstanding that they are not aligned with such objectives, to be allies in the arduous fight against Zionism, without giving any political supports to them, that is, without replacing the Palestinian left with them, and with exposing their political limits and swerves when required. The Platform will also expose the hypocrisy of the pseudo-anti-Zionism, as epitomized in the case of AKP, which has, on the one hand, pretended to be the champion of the Palestinian cause and, on the other hand, made various treaties with Israel and sold out the Gaza people by dropping the Mavi Marmara Flotilla case for the sake of being able to buy natural gas from Israel.          

The Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism Platform supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and acts in solidarity with the Palestinian people.