We held a demonstration to protest Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

We, as the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, held a demonstration in front of the US Consulate in Istanbul, in order to protest the so-called “Deal of the Century” plan declared by Trump.     

The 180-page document drafted by imperialists and Zionists, which have tormented the Middle East under the auspice of the former, cannot be called as “deal”. It is nothing but a list of political impositions aimed at making the Palestinian people and its resistance organizations kneel down. If that document is put in effect, it will scrap the Palestinian people’s historically-gained rights.    

The document is also a political maneuver devised in a well-timed manner by Trump and Netanyahu to boost their credibility, as the former is in need of receiving support from Zionist lobbies to be reelected, the latter is indicted for corruption charges.   

For we felt that that imperialist and Zionist attempt should be condemned immediately, we organized a demonstration in front of the US Consulate the day after the “deal” was announced. We first gathered at a historically important location, former Kavel factory, whose workers led the struggle for the right to strike, and then marched towards the Consulate. During the march, we have chanted the slogans “Down with Zionist Israeli State!”, “US Hands off the Middle East!”, “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!”. After informing the awaiting reporters about our protest, we read out our press release (available in Turkish on our website). The declaration is a clear sign that imperialists and Zionists will escalate their assaults. It is then time to increase our efforts for the victory of Palestinian people, and the defeat of imperialism and Zionism.      

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