We held a rally against Herzog the Zionist murderer

Isaac Herzog, the President of the Zionist Israel, the watchdog of the apartheid regime and the proponent of the ethnic-cleansing policies targeting the Palestinians, has come to Turkey yesterday, as the special guest of the despotic regime in Turkey. To protest his unwelcome presence, we held a rally before the so-called Israeli consulate in Istanbul, along with the participants of the “#GetOutHerzog Campaign” (Herzog Defol Kampanyası), TOKAD and Eğitim İlke Sen.

In the rally, we carried placards and banners that read “Get out Herzog! No to any normalization with Zionist Israel” in both Turkish and English. Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP, Devrimci İşçi Partisi) Levent Dölek, who is also one of the spokespersons of the “Friends of Palestine against imperialism and Zionism,” was first to take the floor. Dölek recalled that the Zionist movement has not just collaborated with the imperialists but also tried to collaborate with the Nazi regime in Germany and recently supported DAESH in Syria. He called to sever all ties with Zionism and also evoked the memory of revolutionary fighters from Turkey who had fought as a part of the Palestinian resistance, as well as the martyrs of the Mavi Marmara. Aynur Efe, the spokesperson of the “Get Out Herzog Campaign,” also gave a speech, where she reiterated the call to sever all ties with Israel. Finally, a comrade read the press statement. The statement underlined our anger in the face of Herzog’s arrival and demanded Herzog to be kicked out of Turkey immediately.

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