We held a rally to protest the mutual reappointment of ambassadors with Zionist Israel

As the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, on Saturday, September 10, we gathered in front of the consulate building of Zionist Israel in Istanbul, to condemn Zionist terror and its local collaborators and object the decision taken by the despotic regime in Turkey to appoint mutual ambassadors with Israel. We stand against any measure of so-called normalization with Zionist. To that aim, we held our rally to call the toiling people of Turkey to fight against the despotic regime, imperialism and Zionism.

We stood behind a banner which carried the following battle cry: “Despotic regime invited the Zionist ambassador; the toiling people of Turkey will kick him out! No reappointment of ambassador with Zionist Israel.” Throughout the rally, we voiced our call to struggle untile Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea.

In the speech at the beginning of the rally on behalf of the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, our comrade underlined that the despotic regime dragged the country towards an alliance of evil, an alliance of humiliation in relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Israel. With the slogans such as “let Israel be destroyed, along with the kings and sultans” we called the toiling people of Turkey, to fight against the reactionary forces and follow the path of Deniz Gezmiş and his comrades, who were Turkish communists who fought for the freedom of the Palestinian people in the Palestinian lands, against this reaction, and became the epitome of anti-imperialism in these lands.

In the statement made on behalf of the Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism, we pointed out that the despotic regime, which negotiated to facilitate Israel’s stealing Palestinian gas and selling it to Europe, sold out the Mavi Marmara case, increased the volume of trade with Israel despite all the boycott calls from Palestinian, in fact has always been amicable toward Israel. We was stated that the struggle will continue until the Middle East is cleared of Zionism and imperialist bases, and until the Palestinian people will stand victorious. We also called for the termination of all diplomatic relations with Israel and the expulsion of the Israeli mission, which is the exact opposite of what the despotic regime has been doing, namely taking the relations further and reaching the point of mutual ambassador appointment.

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