No to Rapprochement with Israel and Usurpation of Palestinian Natural Resources!

Birzeit University was raided by Zionist forces in early January. They first opened fire on and then captured five students who have become leading figures in the Palestinian cause. 

The on-going ethnic cleansing operation conducted by the Zionist Israel in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, which had ceased for a while thanks to the resistance of the dwellers, and international solidarity, re-accelerated, with the unlawfully demolition of the Selhiye family’s house. It can be considered to be a harbinger of a new wave of attacks on the neighborhood. 

The very same day Israel targeted the Bedouin communities inhabiting in the Naqab region, attacking those who defied planting trees in their centuries-long lands for Jewish enclaves projected for future.      

As we have pondered on what to do to stop those Zionist aggressions and atrocities, Erdoğan said on January 17th that Israeli President Herzog would visit Turkey, foreshadowing that the commercial, military and intelligence-sharing relationships would “normalize” and accelerate!     

Zionist Israel, which is an ethnically-discriminatory, racist and expansionist state, is an outpost at the service of imperialism, which had massacred millions of people; which had replenished the jet fighters bombarding the Turkish National Assembly on July 15th; which is enemy of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Persians and other people of the region. 

If you ask based on the above what “normalization” means, it is that we will make a deal with the devil to be accomplice in usurping and marketing Palestinian natural gas. 

We call on our people to force the government not to make a deal with the devil because we do not have even a shred of interest in colluding with Zionism and imperialism. What are in favor of us are the victory of Palestine and the demise of the imperialist outpost.

AKP government should halt the normalization process and sever the diplomatic, commercial, military and intelligence-sharing relationships with Israel!

Down with imperialism!

Down with Zionism!

Down with Zionist Israeli State!

Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!

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